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@@ -64,6 +64,14 @@ h2. Taboo delimiter

People will never ever need ASCII 0 in their strings! I assure you! Let's use it as delimiter. No other options.

h2. Bytesize delimiting.

Ok, we have four bytes for that. We won't ever need more.


Ok, we have four-byte length field here. Why would ever anybody want to delimit more than 4294967296 bytes? And if human looks at our format, we can tell him to go fuck himself.

h2. Tolerable delimiting

Is implemented in "JSON": It uses backslashes plus very limited set of what can follow them. The format is quite readable and writeable by humans and parser-friendly. And also its page has nice graphics, I'd like to be able to make such myself.
@@ -86,6 +94,6 @@ bc. 64 �d��W��uu&f(�69��須��?K4{u�

Lines _start_ with \n, there is single space after numbers, numbers consist of 0-9.

So, to summarize it: very strict format, *NO* escaping, taboo *OR* skip-n-bytes delimiting. bytesize delimiting with no fixed lengths.

This kind of escaping is implemented in my serialization format called [[transfer]].
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