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Have you ever tried to use Python app? For example, Gajim, lastmp, debtorrent, deluge?

If you didn't notice that these programs are sluggish and consume much memory, -you are a moron- -you're blind- even now you can still be healed.

Lastmp, for example, crashes "wherever it encounters broken Unicode":http://bitcheese.net/vlog/post/580. Looks like you need to surround every string loading with try..catch in python for that not to happen. Good design, eh?

@@ -68,7 +68,7 @@ h2. Conclusion
Python is totally broken. Please don't write crappy apps with it or use other people's ones. If you still think it's a really good language, ask yourself:

# Haven't I been using C++ for ages and now is blinded with metaprogramming & PR?
# Did I try other dynamic languages? Ruby or Ruby, LISP, for example? Haskell, OCaml?

h2. Links

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