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h3. List. list? __list? the_list? thelist...

Python uses and/or encourages no naming convention with classes/functions. list <- what is that? A local variable? A class? A *typeclass*? who knows. Python's only promoted and used naming convention is 'your_shift_is_for_underscopes', which is totally lame. Also, __more___underscores_____means_more____________coolness_______________.

Speaking of inconsistency, Python does not follow 'the least surprise' principle. What is xrange? Why it's 'x'? Why not name it zfoobar?

h3. Too slow to fly, too low-level to ride.

Python is considered to be 'glue-language'. Despite this claim, it gets used in maths and high-loaded stuff. When the snake people discover the suckiness of their language, they augment it with C code and even make forks, incompatible with reference implementations. So you have to kludge your code to make it work a bit better.

On the other hand, you have all the good-known stuff from C like parentheses all over the place.

h2. Conclusion

Python is totally broken. Please don't write crappy apps with it or use other people's ones. If you still think it's a really good language, ask yourself:
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h2. Links

Read a [[nopython-story|success story]] (Russian) from one of our former patients.

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