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diff --git a/howto/mathtex b/howto/mathtex
index 33d64fd..f9d0fe3 100644
-- a/howto/mathtex
++ b/howto/mathtex
@@ -9,7 +9,7 @@ I decided to use "mathtex":http://www.forkosh.dreamhost.com/source_mathtex.html.

You can see the results here: [http://dump.bitcheese.net/xet/mtex.cgi?yourformulahere]. Change mtex to mtexi for inverted output.

"Modified Mathtex source":http://dump.bitcheese.net/files/nasukux/mathtexi.c.gz ["Patch":http://dump.bitcheese.net/files/mewazol/color.diff] ("Patch":http://dump.bitcheese.net/files/mewazol/color.diff)
"Makefile":http://dump.bitcheese.net/files/walevaz/Makefile used to build two versions of mathtex used on site

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