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Fiivo and Tugo are clamped down at the table in the middle of an empty food court. Right above them there is a huge window offering a view into a breach gate staging area. In the staging area, there is a huge freighter on standby, attached to the station with a maintenance bridge. Fiivo and Tugo are sipping beer from big packages with beer glass drawn on them. Fiivo is wearing overalls with "UMS Gleeful" on the back. Tugo is wearing pristine exo-suit underarmor with Void Church markings all over it.

"Why the fuck do you even have tables here?", Fiivo asks.
"It's all about the appearances", Tugo answers. "Evoking imprints through the symbols. Beer wouldn't taste as good without them. Maybe we'll get one of those centrifuges from Orbitek eventually. But you'd have to settle for less size and displays instead of windows then."
"Less size might be good. Small is cozy."

Left size of the breach gate lights up and several spinners start.

"Think they will finally manage the breach today?"
"I wouldn't tell you if I knew. And I don't know, I'm not even an initiate, just a lay technician... And I doubt even they know."
"It's been two weeks on standby. We skipped a trade cycle for this shit... I think they are trying to save on costs because nobody is in queue after us."

Fiivo takes a big gulp of beer and studies the package.

"At least the beer is good. Ogomot? Nice place. Not well-formed yet, swarming with nils, but the equator is to die for. Been there last month on the run."
"Nice for you, I'm only catching tumors on tubs like this on the job."
"Well, you don't take your chances zooming through pirate-infested hellholes though."

Whole breach gate suddenly lights up, left side spinners reset and all spinners start weaving in unison.

"UMS Gleeful personnel report to the ship immediately. Breach opens in ten minutes.", PA speaks.
"Well I'll be", Fiivo exclaims finishing up his beer and releasing the clamps. "We're getting out after all. See ya pal!"
"See ya!", Tugo waves to Fiivo as Fiivo jumps towards the exit that lit up with arrows.

As Fiivo leaves, Tugo pulls out his mobile and watches his feed sometimes glancing at the ceiling window. The spinners soon speed up into ecstasy and as soon as Gleeful detaches from the station, a breach opens. The Gleeful fires the engines and speeds into the breach. However, the breach soon starts to fray at the edges, and despite Gleeful moving at highest speed, it collapses just as the fat end of the freighter is about to finish crossing the breach. Sliced-off, last hundred meters of the cargo hold remain floating in the gate, spilling cargo slowly.

"Heh. Enjoy the fines, elders", Tugo chuckles under the breath.
"2nd and 3rd emergency maintenance crews, report to active duty, shift added at 1300", PA speaks. "Care crew stand by. No casualties expected."

Tugo finished the beer, unclamps and jumps towards the exit. Cargo containers continue to slowly spill out of the sliced-off hold piece. Edges glow white hot.

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