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<h1> List of factions in Alpha Centauri, shuffled and trimmed to 7 entries, because default randomizing sucks </h1>

<p> Makes sure you get your fair share of alien adversaries! </p>

alllist = "Spartan Federation
Gaia's Stepdaughters
University of Planet
Peacekeeping Forces
Human Hive
Lord's Believers
Morgan Industries
Cult of Planet
Cybernetic Consciousness
Data Angels
Free Drones
Nautilus Pirates
Manifold Usurpers
Manifold Caretakers".split("\n")

faclist = alllist.shuffle[0..6]

while (faclist.include? "Manifold Usurpers") ^ (faclist.include? "Manifold Caretakers")
faclist = alllist.shuffle[0..6]
<%= faclist.join("<br />").html_safe %>
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