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h2. Networking

You need [:smacnet] because civ only works via LAN. Via LAN without packet loss. Netcode sucks.

On linux, you might need to open /etc/hosts and replace line with localhost with

@@ -49,19 +49,17 @@ We're sorry about your localhost-binding services.

h2. Communication

We use "XMPP":xmpp:smac@conference.bitcheese.net for text (or alternatively "telegram":https://t.me/joinchat/DtXbNg8ugXC1vQk1UMjNvw) and "mumble":http://mumble.info for voice. Alternatively, some of us hang out in "civ5 discord":https://discord.gg/d53GVMr

h2. How to host a game

Autosaves are broken, AI moves two times in row after loading one. Instead, save two times in row manually each turn. It's host's responsibility to save each turn, if latest save turns out to be broken when it needs to be loaded, hosts loses right to be host next time random chooses them as host.

Saving after first slice of players moved will probably result in broken save, avoid it.

In first 100 turns it's ok

If host cannot produce latest working savegame after a crash, he loses right to save each 5 turns, except the first turn. host next game.

If host loses 3 rights to host, host is changed mid-game.

Use pitboss mode, no barbarians, no ancient ruins (desyncs with mod). No events system (broken in MP). (unbalanced). Preferred map is Tectonic.

h2. Hybrid turns with corrections for warfare

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