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Add installation under wine instructions for civ5

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All modpack versions are available here: [https://ipfs.bitcheese.net/ipns/QmaoRxP84cVtptSVewaYuVDcxW5H4aWjApN487fMsyipRg]

h2. Installation under Wine

bc. $ winetricks vcrun6`

otherwise the installer will crash right at the start.

The installer might crash with a floating point error under latest versions of wine, e.g. under *wine-2.20*, available as *wine-staging* package on debian stretch.
Use earlier version. It works fine under *wine-1.8.7*, available from *wine* package on debian stretch.

When I used @export LC_ALL=ru_RU.UTF-8@ to fix encoding problems in the installer, they were indeed fixed, but the installer crashed in the end. So I redid it with @export LC_ALL=C@, and it worked fine. Ignore broken encoding, just press continue whenever possible and choose *english* language when prompted with installation options.

If the game complains about missing *libGL.so.1* and crashes at the very beginning, you need to install 32-bit opengl drivers that contain this file. On Debian Stretch if you are using nvidia do @sudo apt install libgl1-nvidia-glvnd-glx:i386@ (assuming you have already enabled multiarch).

When I ran civ 5 under *wine-1.8.7*, it crashed when starting a new game. So I had to run it under *wine-staging* @export PATH="/opt/wine-staging/bin:$PATH"@.

h2. Networking

We use "FreeLAN":https://www.freelan.org/ for LAN emulation. Command line for connecting to our network:

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