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h2. Linux tricks


Older wine (~1.8.7) is known to fail to launch the game, use recent stable or staging [:]

Run @wine CivilizationV@ to start the game. Running @winecfg@ and setting up a virtual desktop beforehand is advised.

If the game complains about missing ** and crashes at the very beginning, you need to install 32-bit opengl drivers that contain this file. On Debian Stretch if you are using nvidia do @sudo apt install libgl1-nvidia-glvnd-glx:i386@ (assuming you have already enabled multiarch).

When ppppp ran civ 5 under *wine-1.8.7*, it crashed when starting a new game. So he had to run it under *wine-staging* @export PATH="/opt/wine-staging/bin:$PATH"@.

h2. Networking

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