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Curriculum Vitae

Personal data

Name: Iaroslav Gridin
Born: 11/23/1989
Citizenship: Russia
Education: 2007-2012 Kubansky State university
Course: Information systems and technologies
Status: Specialist
Github profile:

Job experience

Self-employed freelancer: 2009-today. Mostly Ruby on Rails, also Haskell, Qt/C++.
Old profile with work history:


Languages: Russian (Native), English (Advanced)

Computer skills

Technology Level
Haskell advanced
Ruby professional
Rails advanced
Erlang advanced
PHP advanced
C++, C advanced
Qt/C++ professional
HTML advanced
CSS advanced
Perl entry
JavaScript entry
Pascal average
UNIX Shell average
SQL advanced
Windows advanced
Linux professional
OpenBSD entry

Example open source projects

QMPDClient (Music player frontend, C++)
qnetload (GUI network monitor, C++)
huick (Microblogging service, Ruby on Rails)


Internet & computer technologies, decentralized networks, scalable systems, video games.

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